Academic Programs


  • Truly progressive & learner -friendly, the school provides a comprehensive academic curriculum supported by a system of instruction that encourages children to be logical, analytical, creative & communicative.
  • Affiliated to CBSE.
  • Well planned, graded & innovative curriculum based on CBSE guidelines.
  • Outstanding performance in CBSE displayed and other competitive/entrance examinations like Olympiads, etc.
  • An exceptionally high number of distinctions and the number of students securing above 90% in the aggregate.
  • Our students are well-placed in prestigious premier Institutes of higher learning such as IITs, NITs, AFMC, SCRA, NIFT, Law Colleges and find placement in Indian & Foreign universities of great repute.
  • In order to inculcate global culture and values, the school offers to teach Foreign Language i.e. French.
  • The school has a Learning Centre designed to handle learning difficulties and emotional issues among children. The Special Educators and an Occupational Therapist work in close coordination with teachers and parents to help children overcome their learning disabilities.
Other salient feature:
  • To distribute the study time evenly over the year, the school has devised a detailed module split up of the syllabi.
  • Stay back classes and remedial teaching classes are organized for students requiring special attention.
  • The Syllabus in all subjects is divided into two independent terms. Some basic conceptual portions of English, Hindi, Math syllabus are carried forward to the 2nd Term Examination.
  • Periodic tests are held in all subjects for all classes according to the schedule.
  • Grades are given in different areas of learning in Work Experience and Physical Education.

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