Project 7 – Global Warming

Global warming is not a conqueror to kneel before but a challenge to rise to. A challenge we must rise to. Vandana International School in collaboration with British Council for International School Award (ISA) organized a month-long activity for the project named “Global Warming”. This activity was planned for students of class VIII and IX. The aim of the project was to sensitize the students about the issue which is going grounds and making itself firmer making a catastrophic damage globally. Around 200 students participated in a poster making competition on the topic “Earth on Fire”. Children exhibited and expressed their views and concerns regarding this global issue in the most creative manner. External experts were invited to judge the competition to assess the top winning posters that was sent to our partner school in Nepal.
Children from class IX were trained to perform a street play based on the title ‘Global Warming’. Children presented the street play in a neighbouring residential colony as well as metro station to educate the residents and masses on how to save our planet from this global issue. The activity was designed to enhance the confidence of the students on public speaking, presentation skills, cooperative learning and aesthetic skills. Students learnt that climate change is no longer just of interest to scientists by examining evidences of global warming throughout the globe. They helped in spreading the message that by learning about global warming, by communicating the problem, and by making energy conscious decisions, individuals will play a meaningful role in what must be a global effort to respond to global warming.

Project 6 – Patriotic Musical Hymn

Music has the capability to influence one – mood and psychology, and when you add a strong feeling such as patriotism to its the result can be very moving. Patriotism is an invisible quality that every individual should possess for his country and it is important for the country to prosper. Vandana International School in collaboration with British Council for International School Award(ISA), organized a project that was “Patriotic Musical Hymn”. The project was taken up by the students of grade V and VI. National Hymn is not just a song about the country, but within the composition itself, there are stories and facts that evoke and tell the history and the struggle of the people in a country.
The aim of the project was to foster an attitude of respect and knowledge regarding the anthems of our nation as well as other nations. During the project students were indulged in various activities like collage making activities, doing research and study on origin of the national anthems, knowing the poets, presenting display boards based on the research work etc. Children were taught the national anthem of our neighbouring countries Nepal and Bangladesh and were told about the history behind the origin of their nation anthems. Audio and Video recording of ours as well the other countries national anthems was done so that we could share them with our partner schools in Nepal and Bangladesh. For the special assembly students did a lot of research and collected information on the origin of national anthems of all the three countries. They also learnt to recite the national anthems of Nepal and Bangladesh. This project helped to develop confidence of the students and acquainted them with different patriotic hymn and their importance across the globe.

Project 5 – Dance World Cup

Dance is a link between people, connecting heaven and earth. When we dance, we use in a very natural way, the mechanics of our body and our senses to express joy, sadness, the things we care about. We can dance alone, we can dance together. We can share what makes us same, what makes us different from each other. Vandana International School, Dwarka, sector-10, Delhi, in collaboration with British Council for International School Award(ISA) organized a month long activity in the school as a project “DANCE WORLD CUP”.
Our ISA journey started by organizing and conducting a plethora of activities involving students and teachers of grade III to V. Skills assessed under the project were Dance and Music. Nearly 300 Students participated in the activities with lots of zest to showcase their creativity under the guidance of their talented teachers.
The aim of the project was to make students familiar with the dance forms of India, China, Brazil, Russia, Japan and Spain. And to help students make global connection by learning about the dances. Various activities like quiz in classes, collage making, flag making, lantern making, scrap book project file were done by the students with enthusiasm. It proved to be beneficial to our students in undertaking the symbolic significance and status of the different dance forms. Apart from developing gross motor skills the attitude of those involved witnessed a shift towards respecting the diversity in culture of the world we live in.

Project 4 – A Walk Through Historical Lanes

We live in a global village but we are driven by our history that has been created by our ancestors. To travel back in time and understand the importance of our rich culture and heritage this project was designed so that our young learners get to discover the story behind the historical monuments.
The students prepared display boards and did research work regarding the monuments of our country as well as the monuments of our partner school. The students went on a field trip and saw few of the historical monuments in the capital city itself and then prepared project files and presentations based on the field trip. An exhibition was also organized to showcase few of the models and charts prepared by the students. The aura of the exquisite historical monuments with a beautiful synthesis of Indian and Persian architecture had an everlasting impact in everyone’s mind.
During the visit to these historical monuments children expressed their views and ideas using slogans and posters for the preservation of these beautiful masterpieces. This activity instilled a sense of pride and gave a perspective to the students that these monuments created landmarks and added richness to our heritage. The enthusiasm with which children prepared the project files and presentations was a complete delight.
The objective of this activity was to enable the younger generation to respect and value our historical monuments and to show that each and every country has a history and these monuments are to be preserved and valued by all of us so that we become global citizens one day.

Project 3 – Career Fair

Career Exploration is the process of discovering one’s aptitude and interest, identifying and exploring potentially satisfying occupations, and developing an effective strategy to realize one’s goals. To enable and empower our children with options and opportunities in this globalized era, we chose the topic “Career Fair” as a part of our international activity. The objective of this activity was to broaden the perspectives and expose our children to the world of opportunities of interesting and productive careers not only in our country but also in countries like USA and UK. Both USA and UK is known for having world’s best quality higher education, research facility and academic aptitude. Children needs to be aware of the dynamics like how can they apply for colleges in USA and UK and which are the colleges they should aim at for the subjects of their interest.
“Career Fair” was organised in our school for orienting nearly 600 students towards the world of work and help them to the next step forward. Students need to take informed decisions so relevant information about choices of subjects, recommended educational institutions and courses were provided to them. There was a team of mentors and coordinators for every subject who guided the children at every step so that every topic was well researched and furnished relevant and significant information.
Children of Class IX and Class XI had set up the stalls providing information pertaining to Science (Medical and Non-Medical), Humanities, Commerce, Para Medical, Vocational Courses and Sports streams with regards to conventional and new fields and courses, institutes offering them, admission criteria, requirements, career potential and job prospects. The skill based activities conducted at the stalls were very effective in aiding the students to identify their skills, inherent potential and aptitude for a particular career before they made the all-important decision.
The student reporters interacted with the parents and their peers and took feedback and inputs from them regarding their overall experience. It was a very interactive and vibrant environment.

Project 2 – Regalia

Every country represents itself in its own opulent style through symbols, flags, thoughts, traditions, art and culture which are a source of inspiration and pride for its citizen. It is imperative to enlighten our children about the world around them and teach them that there are beautiful and culturally different worlds that exists beyond the shores of our country. Our mission is to inspire and empower our students to think globally, appreciate, create, innovate and contribute their learning on a larger platform.
To encourage our students to discover beauty in the world around us, our school conducted this activity -“ “REGALIA” for the children of primary classes. The purpose of conducting this activity was to make the students recognize traditional costumes, their art and culture, flags as a symbol of countries like India, China, Japan, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.
Children had to present a Costume Parade activity where they walked in traditional dress of countries they were representing showcasing their flag they have made as a group activity. It was a splendiferous mega event as children looked resplendent in traditional, colourful, vibrant attire of different countries. Prior this main event, plethora of activities were done in primary classes to understand the diverse world beyond their curriculum. All the teachers were very happy as they worked with determination to make a difference to every child by opening new vistas of learning to make education a complete process.
It was an enriching experience to see the children displaying costumes and beautiful attire, sharing some amazing facts confidently and gracefully about the countries they represented in the ramp walk. The ISA activity boosted their understanding and vocabulary as they even made an effort to learn the different languages of other countries. The activity was graced by the august presence of many guests and children were highly appreciated by the dignitaries.

Project 1 – Pollution Perils

The Changing Times Magazine once wrote,” In an underdeveloped country, don’t drink the water; in a developed country, don’t breathe the air”. Pollution, in all its aspects, has an international appeal. And therefore, this topic was chosen as one of the activities under ISA. Students were provided with a week’s time to ponder over the topic, and do the required research.
Pollution Perils was a part of the Interschool competition organized by our School – Synergia : A gala of interschool competition.34 schools were sent the invitation well in advance for their admired participation, while competition was participated in by 16 school teams. Pollution Perils was a globally fixtured symposium.The participating schools were allotted countries on a very unbiased note.The presentations and speeches of the participating teams were a perfect reflection of the extensive research work conducted by them during the allotted three weeks.
The activity ‘Pollution Perils’ was conducted with a set of motives and aspirations. It was an extension of the curriculum itself. The activity demanded a wide participation and receptive audience. Its inter school approach advantaged the basic objective. Pollution has caged the whole world and so did we wish to cage the majorly polluted countries for our study. The activity was a successful attempt to involve children and their efforts in concluding analytical depth on pollution and its varied aspects. Pollution is not evil only to environment, also society. Human society holds the major share of harm from pollution. The seed of a better, fresher future has, hopefully, be planted in the minds of young learners, the custodians of the planet.

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