Guidance & Counselling

Counselling is a process where the client and counsellor work together to come up with different ways to experience various situations. Personal and inter-personal problem can negatively impact the success of school students in class. The school counsellor tries to develop the practical and realistic plan that builds on each student’s strengths, achieve their goal, and instils hope for a positive future. Counselling is highly confidential and is available in our school.
“Happiness can be found even in the darkness of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light”
—- Album Dumbledore
So, the counselors are light of students and will stand by them in their darkest of times and make sure they are always there for their students.
Children and young adults need guidance and support especially when it comes to dealing with academic, personal and social pressure. Helping people reach their potential is the ultimate goal— and to achieve it one should be caring, flexible, adaptable and patient.
School counselors assist students at all levels, from kindergarten to higher secondary.
They act as helper for students well being and as valuable resources for their educational advancement. As a school counselor will first and foremost listen to student’s concerns. Because everyone’s home and social life is different, counselor could be the only person who fulfills that need for them at a given time.
Counselors may help students with is sure such as bullying, disabilities, low self- esteem poor academic performance and relationship troubles. They can refer them to a psychologist or mental health counselor for further treatment if necessary. In addition they’ll evaluate students abilities, interests and personalities to help them develop realistic academic and career goals. They’ll facilitate aptitude tests and formulate potential paths to success.

Types of Counselling
We offer four types of counselling services:
• Individual Counselling
• Group Counselling
• Peer Counselling
• Career Counselling
We help children work through a broad range of issues including:
• Adjusting to school life
• Anger management
• Anxiety and panic
• Body image/disordered eating
• Depression
• Family or relationship issues
• Grief and loss
• Identity issues
• Lack of motivation
• Life events and transitions
• Self-esteem
• Stress management
• Sexual/emotional/physical abuse
• Suicidal thoughts

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