School Competitions

English poem competition

“Poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words."
Our students  enthusiastically participated in the poem recitation which was conducted by DLSA.This competition provides a unique platform to understand and spread the ideas that inspired our constitutional values as well as fundamental duties towards our country.The theme of the competition was My Country My Pride.
The result of Competition-
Lakshya Samal - 1st Position
Result English Poem Recitation
Lakshya Samal - 1st Position
Amir and Ved- 2nd position
Aryan and Akshansh Solanki- 3rd Position
Ranshika - Consolation

Hindi poem competition

"You have to put punishment on the forehead. This is the jewel of Mother India. The Hindi language is dear to us. This is our identity."
On the occasion of Hindi Day, the students of class I celebrated Hindi Day with great enthusiasm. He participated wholeheartedly to give importance to our national language through reciting Hindi poetry on various subjects.
Hindi Inter House Poetry Contest Results
Ranchika - First Place
Aryan and Pranjal - Second Place
Plaque and Amir - Third Place
Vihaan Bansal Advertising Harshita Consolation

Patriotic Fervor

Competition Politikle


Facing our fears is really important to overcome all our hurdles.
Expressing and voicing out our opinions, on a platform in front of msses, is one such fear hurdling our valour.Ou r school was really eleated to initiate the steps to help the students overcome their stage fear, by conducting ‘DECLO-HUB-2019’ ON 3 May. The audition gave all the students of class 11, a chance to showcase their hidden talent,this round was conducted in the classes. The best 5 entries were selected out of each section and had earned the golden opportunity to present themselves on the stage.
The contest was commenced with the special presence of our Vice Principal MS. Purnima Thakur ,welcomed by Ms. Sandesh Tyagi and our esteemed judges- Ms. Shipra Sood ans Ms. Vinita Sahni.
The new world and the new topics have always been favourable to the air of declamation. Each student posed the unique style of addressing to the masss with extremely topical affairs. They had the air of confidence about themselves and the words gushing from their mouths pleased the aura. Their presentation unveiled the whole new horizon of their prespective in front of all. The programme came to an end with the blessing speech of Ms. Purnima Thakur and announcement of the results.
The first position was bagged by Devanshu Jha of 11-A. The second position was bagged by Nishika Verma of 11-B and Abhay Dixit of 11-A. Kanishka of 11-G and Kanika of 11-B bagged the third position The students and their efforts passed with flying colours in speaking up their minds .the event was a success.!
They really proved that “Every Accomplishment starts with a decision to try”


Skit competition do not only strengthen ones’ confidence to face the audience but also helps in developing awareness about our surroundings and the daily happenings in lighter and funny way.
Young learners are the best messengers to spread awareness of the political issues.
Vandana International School, Dwarka had organised "Skit Competition" on May9,2019 for class XII humanities students at School auditorium.
The skit competition was supervised by coordinator Ms Sandesh Tyagi.
Anchors Ayushi,Dipasha,Jayita,Utkarsh and Vinay welcomed the Honourable guest Ms Poornima Thakur , Vice Principal and judges Ms Preeti Sinha ,School counsellor and Ms Meenakshi , Tgt social science..
Students from humanities have participated in the skit competition.
The students prepared their presentations on the issues of Politics in a humorous way.
All the performances were highly appreciated by the judges as all groups were at their creative best.
The winners were declared by the judges stating group 1 Role of Media secured 1st position, followed by group 2nd Delhi election 2014 and 3rd position was swcured by Defection in politics and Indiscipline in the Parliament.
Judges also shared their views on politics.

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