Music and Dance

Dance – A Performing Art

“Believe in yourself and all that you are, Know that there is something inside you That is greater than any obstacle” (by;-Christian D Lawnes)
Here at VIS , We practice many dance forms that serve as medium of communication or expression. The school seeks to provide children with experiences that enable them to develop their skills. Our Students enjoy learning western dance forms-Hip hop contemporary jazz and fusion of dances etc along with classical dance forms-Kathak,Semi Classical and Folk dance.

Music-The Essence of Life

Music is the literature of the heart; it commences where speech ends.”
Another striking feature of the school is the music and dance department. It has well equipped, spacious  music and dance rooms which encourage the young learners to tune in to the rhythm perfectly. The music department  is one of the enthusiastic departments of the school.The teachers are talented and industrious,they help students to build up on their interests and excel in the field.
Participation in music provides a unique opportunity for literacy preparation whether the children are singing, playing instruments or listening .Teachers direct them to listen and hear in new ways, which exercises their aural discrimination. VIS gives students a virtuous chance to enhance their hidden talent and also with the constant motivation, we help children to show their capabilities outside the school and their saga of success continues.

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