School Celebrations

Zero Hunger

Keeping this thought in mind, a special assembly was conducted by the students of primary wing of Vandana International School based on the SDG -02 : Zero Hunger with the aim to spread awareness on global hunger. Students actively played their roles to attain sustainable development goals. They sensitized everyone about saving food and not wasting it . Hunger heroes suggested the ways to achieve zero hunger in our country. A pledge was taken by all to control hunger. It was a big initiative taken by the little Vandanites to motivate o++++++thers.

Global Handwash Day

To inculcate this habit into our little vandanites, Primary Wing of VIS, Dwarka sector 10 celebrated 'Global Handwashing Day'. 
The students of class 2 participated in many activities emphasizing the need to wash hands at regular intervals. This would help them lead a healthy life.
The students enthusiastically participated in all activities .
The aim was to remind our students that hand washing with soap and water is one of the best steps we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs. Children also distributed soaps, liquid handwash, sanitizers to the needy and shared a message of ' hygiene and clean society go hand in hand'.

Dussehra 2022

To emphasize the significance of celebrating festivals, a special assembly on Dussehra, the festival that resonates with the victory of good over evil was presented by the young vandanites. The assembly commenced with Ganesh Vandana followed by Ramp Walk by the students who were dressed up as the characters of the great epic Ramayana like lord Rama,Lakshman, Sita,Ravana etc. The celebration marked the victory of Lord Rama over the evil king, Ravana and reinforced the message of the triumph of good over evil.
This was followed by a poem recitation  by Mausam Rani ma’am.Everyone seemed to be in a state of absolute bliss. The festivities were filled with great joy and enthusiasm.


Vandana International Sr Sec School,Dwarka is proud to be a sculptor who takes in every year, a group of untutored minds and sends out a batch of refined individuals each with a unique character and ambition for his/her life ahead.
"Farewell’, "adieu”! Such words have been heard and said over the years. This year too Vandana International Sr Sec School, Sector 10, Dwarka, organised a farewell party themed UDAAN on 11 February 2k22 at Hotel Raddison Blu,Dwarka
One could judge that our special invitees’, the XIIth class students were extremely delighted to have such a heart touching moment when an enriching and memorable journey of fourteen lovely years seemed to come to an end.. Boys were looking handsome and elegant in their suits and girls were looking beautiful, gorgeous and graceful in their saris.
The program began with the welcome address followed by musical composition made by series of emotional songs presented by school choir ,surely touched everyone’s hearts at this. A short skit ,presented by students of class XI, showcasing the entire journey of school life in a nutshell made all of us have mixed feelings joy ,sadness and nostalgia. A foot tapping dance performance -Milange bound the august gathering to strike their palms to appreciate the emotional feelings of our students. The most awaited "personality contest" was the highlight of the celebration. Many participated with great zeal and zest. The three rounds observed the potential and versatility of the participants emotional moment. Punjab - Da - Bhangra by renowned musician  Mr Bhupinder Singh popularly known as  Bhuppi, won many hearts.when sang his Punjabi  numbers along with famous lyricist, composer and producer Mr Sanjeev Anand
Dr. V.P. Tandon, Chairman of Kamal, Vandana ,Gurugram and Trinity Group of Institutions appreciated the creativity and his immense conytribution in the film industry by honoring   Mr Bhupinder Singh(Bhuppi) with “Golden Voice Award” and “Indian Global Star Award” was conferred to Mr Sanjeev Anand in appreciation of his outstanding achievements in the world of music..Advocate  J P Sharma, Labour Law Expertise,was bestowed with the “Change Maker Award” for his efforts and collaboration skills in bringing about a change in the society.
The management committee comprising of Dr. V.P Tandon (Chairman), Mr. Harsh Tandon (Vice Chairman), Ms Vandana Tandon (Principal,Kamal Model Sr Sec School & an elected member of governing body of CBSE and Ms Akanksha Tandon (Academic Director ) along with other dignitaries bestowed XIIthies with the titles .
Siddhant Salhotra and Deepika Saini were conferred the title of Mr.VIS and Ms.VIS 2021-22 respectively. 
The entire aura became more sentimental when Academic Director ,Ms Akansha Tandon bade farewell to her dear students and blessed them with her inspiring words and asked them to tread on the path of truth and humanity.She added that 
She added that ,of course, leaving a place where you grew, learned, laughed, and cried is difficult, but you shall always be grateful to the institution where you spend the most formative years of your lives. Always remember where you’re going, but never forget where you came from.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Festive days are going on everywhere,
 *Ganpati Bappa Morya Mangal Murti Morya*
Today amidst an atmosphere of devotion and gaiety.
Children from 
classes Nursery to Grade1, came attired in traditional dress and costumes according to their performance/character.
Ganesha Arti was offered for good brotherhood, safety, good luck and prosperity of all.
Vice Principal MsParul lighten up the diya for Arti and wished the children & faculty members  peace and prosperity always.
Program began with an introduction and the significance of Lord Ganesha by Ariket and Gurseerat both from class 1st.
Nursery class students gave marvellous dance performances on the song Deva Shree Ganesha.
The hallmark of the day was the Journey of  Bal Ganesha role play by grade Prep and 1st highlighting the glimpses & depicting his story behind the elephant head followed by Dance item by class Prep.
Wow overall it was a spell-bound performance by everyone. Children enjoyed the Prasad of Modak and ladoo.
All the participants received thunderous applause for their exuberant participation.

Independence Day 2022

Our INDIAN FLAG.. is our pride !
The tricolour flying high is a breathtaking sight that fills every Indian’s heart with pride and joy.
As a commemoration of India 75 years of Independence #AazadiKaAmritMahotsav , the management , staff and students of Vandana International School celebrated this momentous milestone through actions and deeds, capturing India’s indomitable spirit and promising future.  
The grand celebration was marked with 1500 flags swinging in the hands of the future of this country .
Every member of VIS celebrated the crowning glory of patriotic fervour with much zest and zeal.
The students showcased their love and respect for their country through a variety of programs like patriotic songs, skits, yoga, speeches, Kavi samelan and much more. 
The ever gracious and sagacious Academic Director Mrs Akanksha Tandon Mam gave the message of unity & empathy and also felicitated the gifted and talented students of VIS who have left their unbeatable mark in various interschool competitions. She also gave her best wishes and benediction to her beloved students.

French Day 2022

*What divides us pales in comparison to what unites us.*

Diversification and globalization are the keys to the future.
Globalization brings us closer and closer together across nations. 
Le 14 Juillet - La fête nationale ( The 14 July) National Day of France is celebrated as the French National Day.
In order to make our students, citizens of the world, French National Day was celebrated with much gusto and gala on 24th August 2022 in the school's auditorium.  
The multi hued program orchestrated by the students depicted France's culture, fashion, monuments, food, dance and music. 
And to add more zest there were interactive games, tattoo and Mahendi design stalls.
Our aristocratic Academic Director Mrs. Akansha Tandon and Vice Principal Parul Ma'am complimented the students and the teacher incharge Ms Leena Arora on the efforts taken by them to make this event a huge success. 
French is much more than just a language. For knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.

Janmashtami 2022

May Krishna show you the way in your life as he showed the way to Arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata. '
To take the triumphant legacy and legendary preachings of Krishna forward, the students of VIS , presented a spectacular array of magnanimous mythological events , embarking the jubilant celebrations of the birth of Lord Krishna - an epitome of truth and sublimity ! 
The glorious performances included vibrant pot decoration , resplendent flute Decoration and non stop rhythmic dance moves in various toe- tapping mythological numbers which captivated the viewers with their breathtaking performances. The hallmark of the day was the video highlighting the glimpses and  depicting various phases of  Krishna's life , followed by soul- searching bhajans.
All the participants received a thunderous applause for their exuberant participation.
Vandana International School wishes every a very Happy Janmashtami 


The universe is curled up inside us all. It is up to us to find the stars.

Yoga is the song of the soul. It's the panacea, the elixir of life. The key to repose and unwind.
It's not fad, but enduring and everlasting. Here's another vignette of our students practicing yoga on the occasion of International Yoga Day.
*Let there be an opening into the quite, that lies beneath the chaos, where you find the peace, see what shines with in storm.*


“Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.” -
By:- Albert Einstein
The Nation  celebrated its 72 REPUBLIC DAY on 26 January 2021
To salute the Nation ,Vandana International sr sec school has organized a special Virtual Assembly to celebrate the  Republic Day  on 26 January, Tuesday at 12 noon .
The celebration commenced with flag hoisting by the school Chairman Sh V.P Tandon who also addressed the audiences with his patriotic speech 
Our students presented a gala event by showcasing their feelings through poems songs,dance and speech to honour the glorious past on this National Day .The display of cultural tableaux of Ladakh ,Sikkim ,Assam, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh,  West Bengal,  and Gujrat   won the hearts and earned the lime light of event for showcasing the culture & communal harmony ,besides art & architecture, languages & dialects, customs & costumes, fairs & festivals, literature, music.
 On this Republic Day ,We honoured the Constitution of independent India with great gratification and pride.


 “Fitness is not a seasonal hobby……it is a life style "
Kamal Model Sr.Sec School ,Mohan Garden and Vandana International Sr Sec school, Dwarka also feels elated to join hands towards the noble mission of “Fit India Movement” as we also strongly believe  in the motto given by our hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji  to take up Sports as it has a direct connection with fitness and, Fitness is necessary for a healthy life. On 5 December 2020,We all  gathered for the Morning Assembly at  virtual platform ,on face book live to make aware our students about significance of fitness ,health and hygiene because encouraging young generation in sports not only provides healthy lifestyle but also improves their sportsmanship and leadership.
Mr V P Tandon , Chairman,Vandana ,Kamal,Gurugram and Trinity group of Institutions  and the  Vice President  of Action committee unaided schools, Delhi, graced the occasion with his benign presence along Mrs Vandana Tandon , , Principal ,Kamal model Sr. Sec. School and an elected member of CBSE Governing Body ,  shared her message on the importance of good health to inspire and encourage the students .Mr Harsh Tandon,Vice Chairman witnessed the occasion and   Ms Akanksha Tandon ,Academic Director ,VIS extended cordial welcome to the Chief Guest H’nble Mr.Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma  , an Indian politician and a Member of parliament (MP) from West Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency who shared his valuable tips on how to keep ourself fit and fine ,giving motivated message.“Never underestimate the value of good health , Your health impacts every moment of your life.” 
A profound sports personality and the recipient of Arjun Award Ms. Asha Aggarwal  Deputy Director of Education , sports govt of NCR -Delhi also graced the occasion with her presence and addressed the gathering with her motivational speech. Eminent  personalities having great contribution to  the field of sports Mrs Sunita Rai ,Atheletic Coach , Sports Branch , Directorate of Education , Chhatrasal Stadium  and  Mr. Sanjeet Sangwan , Administrator ,   Chhattrasal Stadium also joined the event .
The event began with the lighting of auspicious  virtual lamp followed by Ganesh Vandana. our little yogis displayed different asanas for different purposes. Students have enthsistically showcased their Aerobics skills using simple household things which they could get easily at home . They also emphasized that cycling ,skipping and skating exercising help us to tone up the circulatory system and are beneficial in safeguarding the general health of the body. In VIS-KMS virtual studio our student reporters enacted famous sports personalities sharing their regime and lifestyle they follow to keep fit.Our teachers have  enthusiastically participated in the same putting on a grand display of yoga, dance fitness, physical training drills as well as various indigenous sports.
It was an enriching Live-session on Face Book attended by students , parents ,teachers and staff members  who gained an insight about significance of Fit India movement which is a necessary initiative to make healthy habits affordable and accessible.

World Mental Health Day

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”
World Mental Health Day is observed every year on 10th October,with overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health.
Primary wing of Vandana International School also observed the World Mental Health Day on 10th October by taking initiative to raise awareness among students about mental health. The teachers narrated moral and motivational stories to the students using creative gestures, facial expressions and appropriate voice modulation  highlighting the different components of mental well-being. Few brain storming questions were asked in between to enable reflection by the students on different aspects of mental well-being in the stories. The main objective was to provide stress free environment and load off their stress. The session was indeed valuable ,distinct and thoroughly enjoyed by the students.

Teachers Day

"Teaching is an instinctual art, mindful of potential, craving of realizations, a pausing, seamless process".
Teachers’ Day celebrates the unique role that adults play in the lives of young minds and help shape the future of a country.The significance of this day is ever-evolving, including taking lessons from life and making your experiences the teachers you needed to shape you into who you become.
Like every year,this year also VANDANA INTERNATIONAL SR.SEC SCHOOL organised a Virtual Teachers' Day with the theme BOLLYWOOD DREAMS for the amazing staff members . The organization organised various fun games,talent hunt and other fun activities for their teachers.They also gave tags to all the teachers to appreciate their work and talent in this field.It was a full filled event where teachers showcase their talent with full zeal and zest.

World Food Day

An assembly in a school always plays a vital role for the students. Students of class3 of Vandana International School hosted a special virtual assembly on World Food Day to raise awareness about importance of food. The Academic Director Ms.Akansha Tandon addressed the students and Parents and gave some valuable tips to prevent wastage of food. Students with their parents enthusiastically took initiative and participated to promote awareness. The assembly was followed by slogan, poem, skit and some  valuable tips. The Vice Principal Ms. Purnima Thakur conveyed the Vote of Thanks and congratulated the students for their active participation and commendable presentation.

International Girl Child Day

There ways of spreading light.
To be a  candle or the mirror that reflects it
and a Girl Child is always a candle in the society .
Assembly in a School always plays a vital role for the students through which they not only learn different values of life  but also  get a platform to perform be it speech, Dramatics or singing.
Senior wing of  Vandana international school celebrated International 'Girl Child' Day on 17 October 2020 in the special virtual assembly.
Students presented different programs to Express their concern towards the Girl Child through speech, dance and presentations. A social message was also conveyed and the boys of VIS took oath to protect, respect and help girl child. Vice Principal Mrs.Purnima Thakur conveyed vote of thanks .

Global Handwashing Day

Global Handwashing Day observed every year on 15th October. To celebrate this special day little Vandanaites of class 2 hosted a special virtual assembly .The Academic Director Ms. Akansha Tandon encouraged the students to wash hands with soap regularly and emphasized on the importance of handwashing as a way to prevent diseases. Students spoke about the importance of hand washing with soap, with an objective to raise awareness  about the importance of handwashing with soap as an easy, effective and affordable way to prevent diseases and save lives.  They gave their message through slogans, thoughts, poem ,skit and a dance performance. At the end they took pledge and shared the benefits of hand washing for the health of an individual.The Vice Principal Ms. Purnima Thakur concluded the assembly by giving a message that handwashing is a good hygiene behaviour and is a key to keep ourselves healthy.

World Students Day

"Be a student of success, learn everything  you can from those who have been the most successful "
An assembly undoubtedly holds a vital position out of all the activities in a school. It's the first platform which is provided to young minds, boosting their confidence  towards public speaking and develops a spirit of team work. Keeping up with the same the students of classes VI - X of Vandana International School  conducted a special assembly on the occasion of World Students' Day on  virtual platform. The academic director Ms. Akansha Tandon addressed  the parents and students and motivated the students with her encouraging words of wisdom. The assembly  was followed by various presentations ,wherein the students had given a striking performances, like;speech poetry, documentary,short film and a song specially dedicated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.The day was celebrated not only to motivate the students but also to remember the significant contribution of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam towards the edification of society. The assembly was concluded with motivational thoughts of Vice Principal ,Ms Purnima Thakur , she also acknowledged the efforts of everyone ,with a vote of thanks, for making the assembly a success.

Lyrical Ramlila and Dusshera Celebrations

Keeping the festive spirit of Dusshera alive, students of Vandana International School of Pre- Primary and Primary Grades presented Ramlila, a gala theatrical enactment of Rama's life .The  Academic Director, Ms. Akansha Tandon also shared her profound knowledge with everyone. 
A huge effigy of Ravana and  Corona Virus were burnt after the Ram lila, hoping that the existence of the deadly virus comes to an end soon. The students raised the slogans of‘Jai Shree Ram’ and every one enjoyed the serene atmosphere.Besides mythological glimpses, our students passed the social message in society to follow the path of Dharma, Truth and Righteousness.The success of this event could not have taken place without the contribution of the parents.At the end , Vice Principal, Ms. Purnima Thakur gave vote of thanks to everyone.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day)

Vandana Internationl School celebrated October 31, the Birth Anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel as Rashtriya Ekta Diwas (National Unity Day), Virtually as a mark of tribute to the efforts of the first Home Minister of India.
.The day was celebrated in a befitting manner and the message of unity, integrity and security of the country was conveyed by the students.
Students participated in the programme whole heartedly. To mark the occasion speech and skit , on Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel and his contribution to the country was given.A  poem and a song on "Ekta" were performed by the students.
Run for Unity was also conducted virtually by students to reaffirm the inherent strength and to withstand the actual and potential threats to the unity, integrity and security of the country.
National Unity Day pledge was administered.
The students and the staff pledged to uphold unity and security of the nation.
Also a remarkable poem was dedicated remembering Indira Gandhi,the first female prime minister of India, on her death anniversary.
Addressing the students and the parents, academic director, Ms Akansha Tandon said ,”The map of modern India as we see today wouldn’t have been possible without the pro-activeness, diplomacy and hard work of Sardar Patel."
Vice Principal ,Ms Purnima Thakur, congratulated the students and the staff of the school for making the programme a great success.


Students of Vandana international school have celebrated world environment day on 5th June 2020 .
Students enthusiastically participated. Activities performed by students were - reciting poem , showing ppts and also delivering speech . These activitly not only help students to get engaged in these activities but also inculcated sensitivity towards our nature.

Farewell 2019-20

Vandana International Sr. Sec School organized a farewell party for grade 12th students to let students embrace these last days of their school life and to have these memories locked in their minds and hearts. Joygaon was the venue for the event. The morning of 9th December was a fiesta devoted to the years spent together with friends and teachers and to reminisce joyous moments. The event started with welcoming the guest of honor Miss Akansha Tondon and all the students of 12th in “Hasta La Vista”, farewell of 2K19.
All the students were in absolutely elegant and beguiling attires. The event was then followed by 3 rounds for amusement of all the 12thies. All the participants walked on the ramp in the first round. Then, the selected ones went up for further 2 rounds which were of props and question/answers. They boldly and confidently performed in all those rounds and we all enjoyed it a lot. They danced, acted and shared their thoughts with us. It was one of those moments we live for and desire to cherish.
The programme was then followed by title distribution. Ishika Tyagi of XII C could win the crown of Ms.VIS and Harsh Bisla of Class Xll A was selected as Mr. VIS. Many more titles were given to the participants. After the title distribution was over, all the 12thies danced their energies out. The feeling of joy and enthusiasm filled the atmosphere.
At the end, their eyes were wet. They knew it was time to say goodbye, as the name of our event says. The event ended with students remembering their past years spent in school and leaving their eyes all watery.

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