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Decoding Parenting and Schooling in the time of Covid -19

Bringing school and parents together improves academic and social development for children,which is why Vandana and Kamal Group of Educational Institute conducted a webinar on “ Decoding Parenting and Schooling in times of Covid -19” on  20th June ,2020. Ms. Jyotsna Bharwaj a well known Consultant Psychologist and Career Counsellor was the prominent speaker in this session. She apprised teachers and parents the present situation of emotions and relationship in the time of Covid -19.She discussed the skills and strategies on how to grow confidence and resilience in the children.Parents learnt how to support children in academic,artistic and sporting endeavors without placing undue pressure on the children. Teachers also learnt some tips how to stimulate their online classes of children to learn.
The webinar saw a massive participation of over 2600 participants. The vote of thanks to the revered speaker for the day was extended by Ms. Preeti Sinha, the school counsellor of Vandana International School.
It was indeed a very enlightened webinar.

Naturopathy and Yoga

Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.” ? B.K.S Iyengar
Vandana International Sr. Sec School,  Dwarka, New Delhi in association with INO,International Naturopathy Organization ,NCR, conducted an invigorating online interactive session to introduce the unique aspects of the Yoga to improve Eyesight and Memory Development   to acquaint the students with the Naturopathy and Yoga and get rid of the stress caused to their eyes by flashy lights of Screen after attending  Online classesin today’s  crucial time of COVID Lockdown and maintain their mental peace.
School’s Academic Director Ms Akansha Tandon welcomed the resource person of the event Yogacharya Yudhishter Pal, President INO; NCR who had been the project officer appointed by the government of India , Ministry of Health(Ayush) for  the research programme   on memory development through yoga
The students, parents and teachers participated enthusiastically by asking the queries from Yogacharya ji after then lightening session of over an hour and the webinar was concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by Ms Vandana Tandon, Vice Chairperson ,Kamal , Vandana, Gurugram global and Trinity Institutions of Education .
This live session was a great success.!!

Healthy Kids Webinar

Healthy eating patterns in childhood and adolescence promote optimal childhood health, growth, and intellectual development; while preventing immediate health problems.
Kamal, Vandana and Trinity Group of Educational Institutes recently hosted a webinar “Diet For Kids” with Mrs. Shallu Gupta , Director and HOD of Ojas Nature Care and Yoga Centre. She is a prominent name in Naturopathy and is an award winning Yoga Guru.
The Webinar was attended by parents ,teachers and students. The strategies that Mrs. Shallu Gupta talked about were relevant to the pandemic faced by the world today. With kids at home ,it has become inevitable to provide nutrition suitable enough to boost immunity and healthy eating behaviour in the long run.
The presentation largely talked about being close to nature and understanding our organ clock with a scientific approach. The importance of mindful eating, including 80% of alkaline food where as 20% of acidic food, sleeping patterns and early dinner were emphasised upon.
The presentation was followed by queries from listeners, to which the speaker satisfactorily answered. 
The management, teachers and parents were ever so thankful to Mrs. Shallu Gupta for such insightful information.

Immunity enhancement through naturopathy

A great initiative taken by Vandana, Kamal and Trinity group of educational institutions, A webinar on 'Immunity enhancement through naturopathy'  was hosted which, was need of the hour. The program commenced with a welcome address by Mr Harsh Tandon, vice chairman of Vandana International School.
 The webinar was conducted by Dr. D N sharma, a well-known Naturopaths of the world and Medical superintendent of Premier Hospital Aditya Yog Naturopathy Hospital and Research Institute.He is National Vice President, INO.
He apprised everyone with the present situation to build up a strong immune system,using all the resources available in the kitchen and by adding on some simple tips. It  was an interactive session.He also focused upon to be optimistic during these days. All the parents and teachers  learnt, how to keep themselves healthy during these days of Covid 19 pandemic. It was really an enlightening session. Webinar observed a massive participation through Facebook live and Zoom App.
The vote of thanks to the eminent speaker for the day was extended by Mrs Akanksha Tandon, academic director of vandana international National School. 

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