Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition – 25th July 2015

Session 2015 may well be called the year of science at Vandana International School, Dwarka The theme “Earth Edufication” was beautifully presented by students of class VI to X on 25th July, 2015 under a variety of categories such as Health, environment, energy, waste management and agriculture. The Young enthusiasts our exhibitors were demiurgic and innovative in showcasing their models. The budding Scientist of our school presented many creative ideas as exhibits. They were creative attractive and some were marvelous. Everything was wonderful which provided a feast to our eyes. The new fangled ideas of the budding apprentice presenting their theories through Power Point Presentation were acknowledged by Mrs. Vandana Tandon, Manager VIS Mrs. Akansha Tandon, Academic Director, VIS alongwith Mr. Harsh Tandon Vice-Chairman. Chief Guests were left exalted by the efforts of the students and science teachers of the school. The Chief Guest Mr. Virender Srivastava, Retd. Education Officer were delighted to witness such wide range of still and working models They Congratulated and encouraged the students with their blessings. Exhibition of such kind are real opportunities where ideas will begin to bloom for the development of the world.

Science Exhibition – 4th November 2016

“The science of today is the technology of tomorrow” – Edward Teller
The Annual Science Exhibition was held at our school premises on 4th November 2016 for classes VI & X. The exhibition was graced by the presence of Dr Bhupendra Singh, Ex Principal in Govt. School in GNCT, Ex Deputy Director of Education GNCT of Delhi and Author of many Science Books. He addressed the children and told them that they should never stop questioning. In his speech, he also said Science is all about knowing so if they have a quest then they should follow four steps Experiment, Fail, Learn, Repeat. Ms Akansha Tandon, School’s Academic Director also visited the exhibition wherein she gave her appreciation and compliments as she was impressed by the amazing exhibits of the children.
Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge so we organise such exhibitions every year with an objective to motivate and inculcate a scientific bent of mind so that the world of innovation and experimentation excites their young minds. Children displayed innovative talents remarkably. The budding scientists of our school presented and exhibited many creative and scientific ideas in the form of models, presentations and charts in their respective classrooms. The exhibition not only showcased the projects and models prepared by the students but also gave them an opportunity to confidently present their ideas in front of guests and judges. The theme was “Science and Technology for challenges in life” and it was observed with great enthusiasm and maximum participation. There were static and working models, slide presentations that showed how the idea can be implemented to bring a change, charts that showed their creativity and interpretation of a certain concept that they perceived differently. Children exhibited on topics like recycling of paper, smart city, hydraulics, burglars alarm, pedal wash etc. Special guests and dignitaries from senior departments and organisation were invited and they interacted and discussed with the children so that children’s critical thinking ability is assessed. Children put their best foot forward while answering the questions of the judges and guests. Such activities give wings to their imagination, gives them a platform to give a shape to their ideas and in the process pragmatize the mind-boggling concepts of their subjects.

Science Exhibition – 15th Nov 2017

Benjamin Franklin rightly said – “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. It is this inspirational quote that teaches us the value of experiential learning in our curriculum.
To encourage and inculcate a scientific temperament and an inclination to understand the logical aspect of every existence, our school organises a science exhibition every year. The Annual Science exhibition was held at our school on 15th November 2017. Children of Class 6, 7 and 8 got an opportunity to showcase and exhibit their models, charts and new innovations and gave exemplary presentations in front of many dignitaries, judges and the Chief Guest. Children displayed projects and models in subjects like Mathematics, Science and Social Science. The entire auditorium was beaming with confidence and the aura of children was refreshing and invigorating. The students exhibited their scientific acumen through a number of innovative project based on an array of themes like Eco-friendly Paddle Wash Washing Machine, Eco friendly Vacuum Cleaner, Bio- Plastic, Eco- Motor, Waste Management, SMART City and many more. Judges and experts of the subjects from external organisations had come and interacted with the students and appreciated the projects made by the students. Children had put on their thinking caps as they answered the challenging round of questions put up by the judges. Children were not only exuding confidence but also showed the enthusiasm to enhance their knowledge. Such events provide a platform to display the talents and helps in creating a competitive environment for students to come out with excellent ideas. It was a tremendous success as children participated in full capacity and with full zeal and the effort of the students was really praiseworthy. Winners were selected at the end of the day and children were awarded subject wise so that they are encouraged and motivated for future endeavours.

Science Exhibition – 19th Nov 2018

A Science Exhibition was organised at the school on 19th November 2018. Vice Principal of the school inaugurated it. The exhibition was organised as part of school based activity on the theme -“New inventions in different countries”. A total of hundred students from standard 9th and 10th displayed innovative talents. With the key objective of bringing out the hidden talents of students and with a focus on creating more awareness of Science, Technology and Engineering. Ms. Cenkush was the judge of the exhibition. Academic Director, Akansha Tandon’s presence was great motivation for the students.

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