School Events (Session 2018-2019)

Guidance for students - Exam Helpline

Prestigious Moment for vandana International School as our school Counsellor-Ms Preeti Sinha was invited on 22nd Feb,2019 for the Live discussion on " guidance for students -exam helpline ". A programme initiated by our government has started for the students of board exams to discuss their concern related to board exam with the help of faculty members of department of education psychology of ncert and counsellors working in schools.

Upholding Ethics & Integrity(By CBSE)

The Powerpoint presentation was shown by Vandana International School on the Topic"Ethics & Integrity"

"Spread the Warmth"- Joy of Sharing Activity

Vandana International School actively took part in the drive for donating woolen clothes for the underprivileged through "spread the warmth"- Joy of sharing activity.

Assembly on Basant Panchmi

Assembly on Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

Winter in DELHI

Workshop on Balanced Diet


FREEDOM FIGHTERS(NURSERY) AND COMMUNITY HELPERS (PREP) were organised in the kindergarten premises with the aim to bring out the hidden talent in the students from Nursery & Prep. Showcased their talent by dressing up as various freedom fighters and Helpers .It was a delight to watch children as they came up and spoke about the character they were dressed up as. The zeal with which they were presented themselves was amazing and highly commendable.

Freedom Fighters

Community Helpers

Dental Checkup Camp

"Healthy students can build a strong society"

A Dental Check-up Camp was organised at Vandana International School on 23rd Jan, 2019 for the students and staff.

The camp was initiated with dental awareness talk, educating students about common dental ailments and measures to prevent them. The students got ample opportunities to enquire and gain knowledge concerning oral diseases. On completion of the checkup each student was given a Patient Card, a report summary of the diagnosed problem.

Health Checkup(Ortho) Camp

"Healthy mind resides in a healthy body"

Vandana International School organized Health Checkup(Ortho) Camp on 29th January, 2019 for its students and staff. A team of doctors conducted the camp which included examination of Joints and Bones. Where ever necessary, Doctor gave medical advice and precautionary measures to the students.

The camp gave opportunity to assess and learn about the importance of being healthy in day to day life.

Christmas Celebration - Kindergarten

Worshop on Adolesence Education Programme

Workshop on Good Touch and Bad Touch

Vandana International School organised a workshop on "Good Touch and Bad Touch" in the month of December for Primary class children. The interactive workshop aimed at creating awareness among children to distinguish between different kinds of Touch such as safe touch, unsafe touch and unwanted touch. The workshop was conducted by Ms. Preeti Sinha, School Counsellor. With the help of numerous videos, pictures, role play and worksheets, students were given instructions how should one react or respond in an uncomfortable situation.

"Great Musicians are not great because of their Instrument,

They are great because of their passion"

In the festive reception of the "Kala Utsav 2018" 24 students who got outstanding positions in Musical Instruments, Music, Dance, Classical Singing and Painting were honored with prizes. On this occasion Shivam Bhardwaj student of Vandana International School, Dwarka, New Delhi was honoured by Shri Manish Sisodia- Deputy Chief Minister, Shri Sandeep Kumar- Secretary Education, Shri Sanjay Goyal - Director Education and Shri V.P.Tandon - Principal of school for winning second position in Instrumental Music for playing Tabla.



Student Bilateral Exchange

The world should meet much more often then it does today : for fostering of understanding across geographical and cultural divide Vandana International Sr. Sec. School, Dwarka. Students's Bilateral program for the exchange of cultural ideas in collaboration with IC-MAS "Bilateral Exchange - Indo Sri Lanka" on 7 Dec, 2018 Friday which was attended by students from Sri Lanka and students of VIS. The program was given charmed starting with the lamp lightning by Ms. T.S. Shefy, along with Shukr Shefy and Ms. Manoj Pathirana . VIS school's Academic Director Ms. Akansha Tandon facilitated the guests with momentous as a token of our regard. Students of VIS presented their love and elation by taking the program to the highest of its notes of enthusiasm by a welcome song sung by the student choir of VIS and presentation of fussional dances of India & Sri Lanka along with the PPT presentation of Indo-Lanka Bilateral Exchange. The petite souls from Sri Lanka presented themselves up on the stage with their traditional dance performance. The event was concluded with the singing of Sri Lankan National Anthem followed by the Indian National Anthem. The smiling and thrilled faces of all proved that a step towards the Bilateral Affinity was a success. "We might be separated through Palk-Strait but we are indeed connected through our hearts".

A Visit to Asiad Circus

"The less routine, the more life"

This became true to the students of primary section of Vandana International School on 7th December. The school organized a visit to the 'Asiad Circus' with an aim to give relief to the monotonous, routine life of the students and to bring out new dimensions of the soul. The show began with the performance of the clown who did many antics to entertain us. The students were amazed by the strength and agility of the performers. There were many moments when we held our breath, not sure of what was going to happen next! From fantastic fire breathers, amazing acrobats, jugglers and talented trapeze artists the children did get to experience the thrill of the circus. Three motor cyclists performed on the 'well of death'. It was indeed a feat of dare devilry. Intermittent jokes by the clowns made the spectators laugh boisterously. The students enjoyed the show very much. Overall it was a memorable experience.

Liberal India

Assembly conducted by VII C on theme "Liberal India"

A Visit to Surajgarh

Just education is not enough, children must have sunshine, freedom and playtime.

Recreational activities are very important in a child's life. They help to keep the mind and body refresh and healthy. So our school organised a picnic on 24th of November 2018 for the classes 2nd to 5th at Surajgarh Farm, Gurugram. It is based on a unique concept capturing the vibrant spirit of Rajasthan and touch of Haryana. The place gave an experience of village life. The mesmerizing scenic village with unlimited appetizing ethnic food, animal rides for children, enchanting life folk dance, beautiful mehndi, pottery, rope balancing act , games zone, open lawns to relax, mud and tube well bath, and adventurous activities gave our students the experience that was completely vivid and unforgettable. The students also danced with great energy on the thumping dance numbers. Even the teachers shook a leg along with them. Indeed it was a great day for all the students and teachers as it strengthened the bond between them. All the students expressed a desire to revisit the place again. Overall it was a great learning experience and a wonderful opportunity for the students to discover the cultural heritage of our country.

Laughter is the best medicine

Assembly conducted by III C on theme "Laughter is the best medicine"

Talk Show

The junior scientists of class 5th took part in the talk show organised by the primary wing of Vandana International on 30th November 2018. The topic was "Technology- A Boon or Disaster". The aim of this competition was to provide a platform to students to speak confidently and put forward their views. Some students spoke in favour of the topic and some against it. In a nutshell it was a good effort on parr of students.

Role Play Competition

Role Play Competition held for class IV, Theme - "Bring me Back"

Role Play Competition held for class I & II, Theme - "Helpers"

Sports Achivement

Under the aegis of school games federation of India national school games 2018-19, Tejas Bhandari of class XII has been selected to represent Delhi State in the above national Games under 19 category foot ball team. These games were held in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan Mr V.P.Tandon, the Chairman and Principal of Vandana International school has acknowledged this great achivement of Tejas Bhandari, the student of their school.

Another student Aryan Choudhary (Goalkeeper) of Vandana International School, Dwarka, New Delhi has been selected for district team to represent our zone 21 in District Football Tournament 2018-19

Visit to Parliament House

Special Assembly - Guru Nanak Jayanti

'Just as candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.'

A special assembly was put up by the students of class II A1 & A2 on 20th November 2018 to mark the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Devji. The assembly started with morning prayer followed by a wonderful thought and recitation of JAPJI Sahib . The students enlightened us about the significance of Guru Nanak Jayanti and teachings of GuruNanakDevJi. A pious atmosphere was created by the Shabad sung by students of class V. Colourful traditional attire and the apt presentations made the assembly really special as every aspect of the festival was wonderfully depicted. Students of class V dressed up as PANJ PYARAS organized a procession carrying the Sikh flag and singing hymns . Everybody had the taste of Karha Prasad after the procession . A sense of peace and tranquillity filled the air as Vandana International School celebrated Guru Nanak Jayanti.

Poster Making Competition -"SCIENCE IN MY MIND"

Every child is born creative,the challenge is to keep that CREATIVITY ALIVE.... A poster making competition was organised by Vandana International School on November 16,2018 The theme was "UNIVERSE". The students of III grade enthusiastically participated in the competiton.The main objective of the competition was to enhance skills and bring out the hidden talent of the students. The students showed their abilities through art where in they expressed their feelings in the form of quotations,paintings,sketch etc.All the students participated and performed well.

National Education Day

Vandana International School,Sector-10, Dwarka, observed "National Education Day" on 11th November 2018 marking the birth Anniversary of India's First education minister of Independent India Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. To create awareness among children and to make them understand about importance of this day a special Assembly and essay writing competition was organized for the students of classes IX, X & XI. In the assembly a variety of program was presented by the students. The assembly started with a short speech delivered by our Vice Principal ma'am, who spoke about the importance of education, how it shapes our personality and our future and it also helps us to gain, knowledge & confidence. A beautiful and inspiring song 'Shreshth Balak'....... was sung by the students of class XI . The assembly concluded with the small skit by the students of IX which showcased the importance of education.

Children's Day Celebrations - Primary Wing

"There is no garden as beautiful as Childhood"

Children's Day was celebrated in our School with lot of enthusiasm. The occasion is celebrated every year with grand splendor and fiesta. This year, the program began with prayer, fun filled activities and tribute to Chacha Nehru. Various activities and events were organized and performed by teachers. It was a fun - filled day for the students as each child participated in the "Talent Hunt", where all the students of classes I to V showcased their talents in the form of various activities - Jokes, Riddles, Song, Mimicry, Magic tricks etc. in their classes. All the children took active part in celebrations. The day ended with distribution of sweets to all students by the children dressed up as Chacha Nehru.

Diwali Celebration in Kindergarten

Special Assembly on Diwali

The celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights, came alive at Vandana International School, Dwarka, on 5th November 2018 when the whole school wore a festive look with diyas and lanterns adorning the reception and corridors of the school. The Rangoli on the theme of eco-friendly Diwali by the students of class VIII added the perfect setting to the festivity. During the morning assembly students talked about the significance of the festival and also about why and how Diwali is celebrated across the country. After that Students enjoyed dances and songs, all of them carried one or the other message. The assembly concluded with Vice Principal Ma'am giving away the message of a clean, peaceful and a bright Diwali.

Workshop conducted by Rachna Sagar Educational Publisher

Rachna Sagar, educational publisher conducted a worshop for almost 50 schools from West Delhi on the theme "Early Childhood Learning" on 3rd November 2018.

Assembly on Rights and Duties

Career Fair 2018

An educational event which gave students and parents an equal opportunity to explore different field of career. The career fair 2018 in Vandana International School, Dwarka Sector 10 on October 26th was aimed at familiarizing students and parents about different career choices available. The idea behind the career fair was to introduce students to the world of work which requires a combination of skills, abilities along with the academic achievements to be successful in their choice of streams. The students of IX and XI worked relentlessly on presenting vast of opportunities present for the students of grade X and XII. The parents also visited and gathered information relevant information to them. Vocational career such as hair stylist, fashion designing, makeup artist, tattoo artist, jewellery designing etc. require a certain amount of skills along with the academic performance whereas careers such as biochemist, laser engineering, robotics, quantum physics, nanotechnology require a certain amount of academic brilliance. The career fair this year deliberately focussed on teaching prospectus to create awareness about the profession and its scope in every sector. Right from elementary level to universities campus placement. Dr. Sharda Chawla briefed the students of X standard regarding the different streams available which good assist in choosing career at a later stage. Whereas the 12th Standard were enlighted regarded different career choices. A panel of judges constituted of Dr. Ajay Tiwari humanities expert who evaluated the humanities stall. Suresh yadav a commerce expert evaluated the commerce as well as vocational stalls. Sudheer Vashisth a science expert evaluated the science stalls.

The career fair 2018, was a success and a stepping stone for students towards building strong foundation by making them familiar with the work environment that they will be encountering. "The best way to predict future is to create it" -Abraham Lincoln

Anti-Cracker advice by Police

Our school took initiative to hold special assembly before the occasion of "Diwali" for classes VI to VIII. Delhi police gave a very useful advice to our children not to burn crackers this Diwali to save our environment from pollution and also if the children still wish to buy crackers, should buy only green crackers which are allowed by Supreme Court. They also guided children to follow the guidelines of government to burn crackers only during 8 pm to 10 pm.The assembly concluded with the special advice by Tiwari Sir to the children to celebrate "Eco friendly" and safe Diwali.

Walk in to fanasty Land Competition

Fantasy is pleasant situation that you enjoy thinking about but is unlikely to happen or the activity of imaging things .It uses magic and supernatural elements as the main plot element, theme. School is the benchmark where students get the chance to showcase their talent. Kids got the chance to experience it through this activity. The students of class I and II were given the opportunity to experience the feelings of being in fantasy land .As Fairy tales character are favourite amongst little kids as they to love to fanaticize them .Students shown a lot of excitement and enthusiasm .Girls were beautifully dressed up as fairies, princess and Barbie doll. And boys were dressed up as Spiderman, Chotabheem and Doraemon. They enjoyed the activity by speaking few lines about their character. The overall program turned out to be the confidence boomer for the kids.

Character Come Alive - Literary Week

In the view to celebrate literary week and to inculcate interest in language, our school -VIS Dwarka organized the English literary fest in the school auditorium during which "Characters Come Alive" competition was held for class VIII on October23rd, 2018. Participants dressed up in costumes based on the novel character portrayed by them. This activity explored and encouraged the speaking skills and confidence in children. It inspired children to come forward and perform onstage. They participated earnestly in the competition. The final judgment was made by the coordinators – Poonam maam and Meetu maam. Section C of class VIII was adjudged the best. Class VIII B secured the second position. All the students enjoyed the programme and participated enthusiastically.

Verbattle Dance - Literary Week

Language is the medium through which educational purpose fulfills it's aim. As part of Literary Week,English department organized varios activities for classes VI-VIII. For class VII,Verbattle Debate Tournament was organized. The preliminary round was conducted in the classes and one team was selected for the final. As a team of two,they have to speak in favour of and against the topic. For the final round,the topic of debate was "True freedom comes only with discipline and restrain". Each team was given 2 to 2.5minutes to express their opinion. The competition was conducted well and the participants were judged on the basis of confidence,thinking ability and presentation. All the groups were to defend their points,in which VII-A stood first,VII-C stood second and VII-D stood third.

Spin A Yarn - Literary Week

The students of class 6th geared themselves up to tell a story made by them on the spot. The Preliminary Rounds were conducted in the classrooms to ensure the participation of all the students of the class. One best team was selected from each of the five sections of class 6th who participated in the final round. The final round was held in the Auditorium on 29th October 2018.The students of all the five sections told gripping stories maintaining the eye contact with the judges and the audience .They all were full of energy and showcased their creativity. The audience seemed fully engrossed with the flow of the competition. Each group did its best but 6B was the most fortunate to bag the first prize followed by class 6E and 6A as the second and third winners.

Hindi Diwas

Hindi was declared as the official language of India on 14th September in the year 1949. So this day is observed as ‘Hindi Divas’. Like every year, this year also our school celebrated ‘Hindi Divas’ in the school premises. Hindi recitation competition was organized for the students of class III to v. she students participated with lots of enthusiasm. The position holders were given certificates. This type of competition helps students to express themselves and build their self-confidence.

Ad Mad Show

The AD MAD SHOW competition is an opportunity to bring out individual talents of the students participating in it. The students of class SECOND put in a lot of ideas and exhibited an amazing show which was a perfect blend of creative jingles and innovative proofs. They showed various products we consume in our daily life like Dettol, Colgate, Shampoo etc. They used different types of props to present their ideas. They learnt new ways to present themselves. It was a good confidence building activity for the children and was enjoyed by the them.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"……… Mahatma Gandhi The special assembly presented by primary wing on 1st October 2018,was a sincere effort by the students to give a deep insight into the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi and encouraged them to think about his vision of ‘Swachch Bharat’. The assembly began with a special tribute to the ‘Father of the Nation’, and emphasized on the importance of non-violence. The skit presented by the children showcased the role of Gandhi ji in India’s struggle for freedom. The play presented by children depicted the Gandhi ji’s struggle for the independence of our country. The assembly finally concluded with the performance on a beautiful dance performance "Vande Mataram…..." which filled the ambience with a feeling of patriotism for our country. At the end, the principal gave children a speech about Gandhi ji’s work and advised them to obey those rules and apply it in their daily life.

Vector Born Disease

Say NO to Tobacco

"No Tobacco,Save Life" was organised on 17/7/18 in school premises. Students of class 4A2 presented a skit to bring awareness among the children against the use of tobacco and its addicting effects. One of the student spoke on the ill-effects of consuming tobacco. Students actively participated in the morning assembly and took an oath for stopping the consumption of tobacco in their homes. The assembly ended up with the National Anthem.

International Yoga Day

Dussehra Celebration

The assembly was conducted by the students of Class 5A2 on 16th Oct. The theme of the assembly was 'Dussehra'. It began with a welcome note addressed to the principal, teachers and friends. It was followed by a speech on Dussehra to give information why do we celebrate Dussehra. In order to explain the theme a student recite a poem on 'Kagaz ke ravan mat phoonko'. It was followed by a short skit to give a message how we can celebrate the Dussehra. At the end students showed the banners to inspire students to say no to 'ego', 'anger', 'disho nesty', 'conflict', 'jealousy' and 'greed' this Dussehra. The assembly ended with the National Anthem.

A visit to Aero Planet

English - A Universal Language

As we all are aware of the fact that English holds a unique importance in India and has played a crucial role in building modern India. To showcase this ,a special Assembly was organised by class 5th A1. The prime motive of this assembly was to create an understanding and awareness of the use and vital role of English language in our lives. Some amazing and unknown facts were shared by the students. Students also sang an inspirational song in their melodious voices. Children actively participated by reading poems and quotations. They also enthralled everyone with a dance performance to bring a meaning and motivating spirit among other children .students shared their own experiences and provided few ways to improve English speaking skills.

Failure leads to Success

Believe in You

Aditi Chauhan - First Indian Woman Footballer

First Indian woman footballer to be awarded with Asian Women Footballer of the year at Wembley Stadium, London in 2016.She has been representing Indian National Woman's Football Team for 10 years and is currently the Vice-Captain of the Senior Indian National Football Team. On 9th Oct 2018 she visited our school and got a grand welcome by the students, teachers and management. A special assembly was conducted to motivate children by her inspiring words with the objective to make every girl to believe that she has all the strength to achieve goal and ambitions. She aims to provide a platform to girls aiming to give a holistic football curriculum along with her guidance and mentorship. Her team also conducted a football workshop for our children. So her team members conducted a football workshop for our children.

Swachta Abhiyaan

On 15th September, 2018 Children and Teachers of Vandana International School participated in "Swachta Abhiyaan" organized by Delhi Police in sector-6 ,Dwarka.

Teacher's Day Celebration

Janmasthmi Celebration

Kindergarten children came dressed as Krishna and Radha in colorful outfits. They made and wore Peacock feather head-gears and decorated matkas and flutes. The Pre-primary was decorated colorfully with Jhankis depicting the birth place of Lord Krishna and Krishna Jhoola. A special assembly was conducted to mark the birth of the deity. Children celebrated the occasion by singing and dancing with great joy.

Trip to National Science Centre, New Delhi

An educational trip to National Science Centre,New Delhi was organised by NIE on 11th August,2018 for the students of class 3rd to 5th. Students were excited and mesmerized by their visit. The centre opens up its treasures contained in six permanent halls full of interesting and hands-on participatory exhibits. There was a gallery on Biology- portraying human life in all its aspects.Then the students visited prehistoriclife, featuring life sized animated robotic models of dinosaurs.The gallery exhibiting "Fun Science" was most liked by the young visitors.There was a whole world of wonder and amazement. Students also gained knowledge on Space Technology, Information and Communication,Earth Science etc. Students thoroughly enjoyed wrestling the gorilla arm,mirror maze,responding to electric shock. The trip generated huge interest among the students.

Independence Day Celebration

On 14th August 2018, Vandana International School, celebrated Independence day with zeal and spirit befitting the occasion. Our Academic director Ms Akansha Tandon and Vice Chairman Mr Harsh Tandon graced the occasion and unfurled the flag in the school ground. Thereafter, the cultural program began with the colourful dance performance by the students of Classes prep and I. Followed by the dance was the enactment 'One land one nation'. The amazing dance performance of students of classes VI to VIII on the song "Kar har maidaan fateh" witnessed the pride and patriotism of one and all present in the ground. The highlight of the program was the parade of the Indian freedom fighters by the students of the class II which paid homage to the efforts of the numerous freedom fighters of India. The instrumental music played by Divyansh Sharma of IX B enhanced the spirit of patriotism by a couple of patriotic music played by him. The school choir enthralled the audience with the medley of patriotic songs they sang. The celebrations came to a close with the singing of the National Anthem.

French Week Celebration

Vandana International School celebrated the French week "France & India at a glance" on 2nd August 2018. Our students were actively involved in language day celebrations where they displayed an appreciation of the multi-cultural world. Many activities were conducted to enjoy the festivities of the day, which included learning French dance and music, language, cooking French cuisine, & learning about different monuments of France. The importance of history and culture of France and about monuments of France was explained by the students of the French club of grade VI to VIII and a positive competitive spirit was seen among all the students. All the students were appreciated by our Academic Director Ms Akansha Tandon for their efforts to make this French Fest a big success. Imparting the learning of two different languages, both native and FRENCH, raises our students to a better understanding to varied cultures and unfamiliar customs.

Disaster Management

On 11th August 2018, our school conducted a workshop cum fire drill on fire management. A team of officers from fire department along with Mr. Hariram Meena ( Section officer ) gave briefing about fire safety, measurements and precautions to students of our school, management committee, teachers and other staff members. They also demonstrated us, how to operate different types of fire extinguishers to be used in emergency.

Visit to National Science Centre - Robotics Workshop

On 25th & 26th July 2018 children from class VI - VIII went for an educational trip to the National Science Centre at Pragati Maidan. This trip provided a memorable experience for the budding students interested in the field of science especially robotics. As students entered the grand doors of immense knowledge in the science centre their inquisitive eyes were provided with a thousand areas to glance at. The workshop introduced the students to the modern forms of technologies particularly Robotics. The workshop started with a general discussion about robots by showing some clippings & slide shows and how robots are helpful in our day to day lives. Resource persons were there to explain and guide the children. It was an educative, innovative and fun learning trip as our students got hands-on experience while working with mortars.

Cooking without Fire Activity

Students of Junior Wing of Vandana International School donned their "Chef Caps" to exhibit their culinary skills in "Cooking Without Fire" competition held on 17th May 2018. Children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they doled out nutritious yet delectable delicacies. The dishes were selected post exhaustive research on the cultural backgrounds of the relevant recipes chosen from various parts of the world.

Summer Holiday Project Work Exhibition- 2018

Vandana International School organized Summer Project Exhibition on 14th July 2018. It was a beautiful display of all the projects on various topics and themes that was prepared by the students during the summer vacations.

The students exhibited their project work with pride as it motivated them to design and develop something novel. Hundreds of displays dotted with several sections of school with participation ranging from Classes I - V. This enthralled the parents and visitors. It was enthralling to see everyone appreciating the wonderful work of the students and also lauded the school for its efforts for bringing out the hidden talents.

Earth Day

Every day should be celebrated as EARTH DAY when it comes to protecting the environment. The children have taken the lead and yes ,its time, the world should know that the Green Brigade no more comprises of only grown ups. It is now the feat of young children who have taken the pledge to conserve and preserve their home "THE EARTH". Children prepared a beautiful collage with hand printing on the picture of Earth.

Face Painting - GO GREEN

Class V students showcased their skills through beautiful facepainting competition on the topic – "Go Green".


MOTHER's DAY was the first celebration we celebrated with our children in the month of May. Singing and dancing competition along with many games were organized for the Mother's and they participated enthusiastically ,it was pleasure watching the super exicted moms with their dynamic , erergetic performances. Each mother was special and different in her own way. Winner moms were awarded with the lovely gifts by our Academics Director - Akansha Tandon Ma'am. At the end ma'am applauded the efforts of all the teachers and as well the Mother’s along in making the programme a grand success.

Nature Walk

The key of teaching Earth DAY concept to children, is to help them realize that even at a young age , they can be a part of making the earth a healthier planet. To make earth day concept more clear teachers took all the kids in the open area for Nature Walk. That was an excellent way to inspire a love and appreciation for the Natural World.

Grand inauguration of "Kumar Sanu Vidya Niketan Music Academy" at Vandana International School

Our school has a sole aim of imparting quality education in Delhi. With a view to developing the overall personality of the children and providing an appropriate forum for free education in Music, our group of educational institutions has set up "Kumar Sanu Vidya Niketan Music Academy" at our school. Its grand inaugural ceremony took place in the presence of the known Bollywood singer Sh. Kumar Sanu himself on 23rd June 2018. Hon'ble Sanjay Singh, Special Police Commissioner, graced the function as the Chief Guest. Also present on this gracious function were Sri R.K. Sarkar, Chairperson, Kumar Sanu Vidya Niketan Academy, Sh. Anil Kumar, Principal Commissioner Income Tax, Sh. Asif Iqbal, DCP (Licensing), Sh. V.P. Tandon, Chairman and Mrs. Vandana Tandon, Managing Director. The function started with the lighting of the holy lamp by the dignitaries. The students of Kamal Model Sr. Sec. School, Mohan Garden, New Delhi and Vandana International Sr. Sec. School presented group songs which won the applaud of the august gathering. Main attraction of the function was the musical voice of Kumar Sanu which thrilled the audience who danced with his famous all time favourite song "Jab koi baat bigad jaye, Jab koi mushkil pad jaye, tum dena saath mera" The Chief guest Sh. Sanjay Singh had all praise for Mr. Kumar Sanu, Sh. V.P. Tandon, and Mrs. Vandana Tandon for the wonderful work they are doing by providing free education in Music for the children.

Baisakhi Celebration