Art And Craft

As someone rightly said "There is no depth to education without art". Art has the role in education of helping children become like themselves instead of more like everyone else. In our school we realise creativity is now as important in education as literacy itself.

The innate and developing talents of the child in a host of fine arts and performing arts activities is developed through a varied range of activities, which is supervised by highly qualified instructors and artistes in the respective field. Our faculties are well equipped to unleash each child's inherent talent. Guiding them through various techniques and helping children achieve their aspirations. Our children make beautiful craft creations from waste and recyclable materials. All forms of art are introduced to children and based on their interest level their skills are sharpened.

An indicative list is given below

  • Visual Arts
  • Single Stroke Painting
  • Rangoli
  • Glass Painting
  • Clay Model Making
  • Quilling